Custom Built Underwater Housing Designed for ...
* Contour cameras are the best compact high definition POV cameras on the market. They record in multiple resolutions with amazing video clarity and have instant on record capability.

* Contour +2 is a professional grade camcorder with external HDMI & microphone outputs. It comes with built in GPS and has Bluetooth capability for live video streaming to your Mobil device. Use your phone as a video monitor and remote control for all camera settings.      See specifications for information on all camera models.

* Contour camera settings are adjustable using the camera's software. Adjust for contrast (high, med or low), exposure  (-4 to +4), metering (spot, center, avg), white balance, audio gain , and GPS data.

* Contour cameras are the world’s most configurable HD wearable camcorder.

*  The H2OV housing is hand built by GMS Concepts and was designed for Technical Diving. This compact underwater video system is Ideal for cave and wreck exploration and has a conservative depth rating of 200m./ 650 ft. The H2OV is one of the smallest and deepest rated high definition video systems in the world.

*  The H2OV can be mounted to a dive helmet, base mount, light tray, hand mount, or DPV, and with the camera's 270 degree rotating lens and laser alignment system, the housing and camera can be mounted at any angle.

*  The H2OV mounting accessories  are custom made and designed to easily move the housing from one mounting application to another.  Each housing comes with a universal heavy duty 1/4-20 mounting plate, extra O-rings, and a one year warranty.
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200m.  /  650ft.
Depth Rating - 200m / 650ft.
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