Contour Cameras and Accessories are products of Contour Inc.. and are not affiliated with GMS Concepts
H2OV-HSM01  (Hand Strap Mount)
$  25.00
H2OV-BM02  (Base Mount )
$  95.00
Made from a converted Contour goggle strap mount with stainless steel hardware and industrial Velcro, this versatile mount allows for hands free operation and can also be used with a larger strap for different mounting applications.
Custom packages are available by request.

H2OV-DPV01  (DPV Mount)
$  85.00
Made from Delrin with stainless steel hardware, this mount comes with a Cam Lock Tank Strap for secure mounting to your DPV and uses our custom removable 1/4-20 mounting base compatible with the H2OV-Handle & Base Mount. The base can rotate 360 degrees and lock in any position. 
The H2OV-DPV1 also makes a great mount for video lights. 
Designed to easily  move your video or light system from one mounting application to another.
(Base Mount, Hand Mount & DPV Mount Combo)
$  225.00
The H2OV housing and light system can easily be mounted to a dive helmet. This setup is light weight, balanced, and almost neutrally buoyant underwater.

The H2OV light system easily mounts to the sides of our Handle Mount. This entire video system (camera, housing, handle mount, and lights) weights approx. 3 pounds (1.5kg).  
Wreck Diving setup)
Cave Diving setup)
Best set up for wreck diving. Video the exterior of a wreck on your DPV and easily switch to the H2OV-Handle or Base Mount for wreck penetration. 
Cam Lock Tank Strap
     H2OV-MP01  (Mounting Plates)
$  5.00
$  19.00
1.5 X 1.5 - heavy duty mounting plates with universal 1/4-20 camera mount
     H2OV-ORS01  (O-ring Set)
Extra o-rings for the H2OV
     H2OV-EXB01  (Extra Mounting Base)
$  19.00
Mounting base - compatable with all H2OV mounts
Standard 1/4-20 attachment with rubber washer.
    Scuba Yellow Skins    
CamSkins are made from a highly durable, hitech material. It is extremely strong, and is virtually impervious to heat and water. It can easily be removed, and leaves no residue.

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 Light Systems
This light system is small, compact, and high performance: dual kit = 1000 lumens output

The system boasts rechargeable Li-ion powered LED lights which emit  an even 120 degree flood beam and a color temperature around 6000K - perfect for video.

Used in tandem, these lights are a very effective light source for the H2OV.
H2OV-HM01  (Hand Mount)
$  75.00
Made from Delrin and stainless steel, this mount is adjustable and comes with a custom removable 1/4-20 mounting base  compatible with the H2OV-DPV & Base Mount. 
( Photo courtesy of the "Wet Mules" AUS )
$ 575.00
 H2OV-SL02/BM  (Dual Light Kit with Base Mount)   
H2OV-LA01  (Light Arm Assembly)
$  25.00 ea.
(1) 6" Lock-Ring arm with (2) 1/4-20 end connectors plus hardware, 1/2"coupler and 1.5" light clamp. (assembled)
Add light arms to your Base Mount or camera tray assembly.

Model # EBL500LIV

500 lumens
120 degree beam spread
6000 degree K color temp.

1.5 hours at full output with continuous useable light for another 4-6 hours

Light module - protective 
circuit board
Lithium Ion cell - protective circuit board

Delrin body 1” x 4.5”
1.5" mounting collar with 1/4-20 insert
Polycarbonate head with protective cover
Double O ring sealed

Twist to turn on
1000 ft. / 300 m. Depth Rating
Weight = .25 lbs

Warranty:   Limited Lifetime (excluding battery)

Manufactured by:  
Sartek Industries


$ 10.00 ea.
 H2OV-SL02   (Dual Light Kit)
$ 500.00
  • (2) EBL500 video lights with extra power cells.
  • (2) Universal chargers 100-260VAC  50 / 60 Hz input.
  • (2) H2OV-DPV01 (DPV Mount)  
  • (2) H2OV-LC01 (1.5" Light Clamp) 

                      ​(camera, housing & DPV sold separately)
$ 650.00
 H2OV-SL02/DPV  ( Dual Light Kit with 2-DPV Mounts)   
  • (2) EBL500 video lights with extra power cells.
  • (2) Universal charger 100-260VAC  50 / 60 Hz input.

New - Pro 10" wide "Base Mount" designed with a custom removable 1/4-20 mounting base compatible with our Hand Mount and DPV Mount. Made from Delrin with stainless steel hardware and contoured high density soft rubber grips for steady video operation. 
Comes with 1/4-20 threaded top handles for lock-ring, ball arm or other light arm attachment.  
The ideal platform for the H2OV housing and light systems.

     H2OV-LC01  (Light Clamp)
$  19.00
1.5" Light Clamp with 1/4-20 threaded mounting base.
$  5.00
     H2OV-LG01  (Lens Guard)
Extra lens guard for the H2OV
Patent Pending
These Custom Mounts use a standard 1/4-20 attachment and can be easily modified for use with any camera or light system
Custom  Mounts Designed by GMS Concepts
Model # EBL500LIV
  • (2) EBL500 video lights with extra power cells.
  • (2) Universal chargers 100-260VAC  50 / 60 Hz input.
  • (1) H2OV-BM02 (Base Mount)  
  • (2)  H2OV-LA01 (Light Arm Assemby) 

​                             (camera & housing sold separately)