• H2OV for the Contour - ROAM
We are making the H2OV for the new (very cool) Contour-ROAM. 
Because the ROAM does not require a power control button on the housing, we are able to manufacture the H2OV for this model at significantly lower cost. 
      The H2OV-CR1001 will be rated to 200 m. / 650 ft. and retail for around $ 299.99 
This system will be the most self contained, deepest rated, high definition, POV video                    setup available in the world, and with the Contour-ROAM priced at just $199.99, it is also               the most affordable.
 Updates / What's New
  • Lens Guard
If you have one of the older H2OV housings that does not have the current front lens guard, just let us know and we'll send you one (no charge)

  • H2OV Mounts
We have some new custom mounts available for the H2OV,  Go to accessories to see our 
Base Mount, Handle Mount and DPV Mount 

  • HDMI Port 
We are developing an HDMI port for the H2OV-CP1001 housing for the Contour +
This will allow for cable link to a remote monitor or surface feed.  With the deep rating of the housing, the H2OV system can also be used as a  primary or secondary video source for an ROV or manned submersible.

  • ContourHD-1080p (discontinued)
Contour is no longer making or selling the ContourHD-1080p (model 1300) 
As a result (unfortunately) we will no longer offer the "CHD-1080p  Package System" but we will continue to manufacture and sell the H2OV housing for this model.
  • New Depth Rating
After successful field testing over the past year we have increased the H2OV depth rating for all models to 200m.

  • New Base Mount
We have released our new Base Mount - H2OV-BM02 
This is a pro base platform for the H2OV housing and Light systems. It comes with our custom mounting base which is compatible with the Handle Mount and DPV Mount and standard 1/2 inch Lock-Ring base adapters for mounting any light source.