Inserting your Camera

  Insert the camera with the power and record switch in the off position. Fully insert the camera with the bottom of the camera facing the felt pads. The camera's small lanyard can be used to easily remove the camera from the housing. IMPORTANT  Make sure that the cord and small plastic connector of the lanyard are tucked along side the camera and not placed between the camera and the cover, this would prevent a proper seal. 

Placing the Cover

   Inspect that the sealing surfaces are clean and free of any foreign particles.  Place the cover on the housing making sure that it is seated properly. Set both latches loosely on the hooks of the cover then press down on both latches at the same time. Look to see that you have a good seal, you should see a solid black line on the o-ring. DO NOT latch one at a time.

Removing the Cover

   The latches on the H2OV are spring loaded and include a safety catch to prevent accidental opening. 

   The best procedure for removing the cover of the housing is to place one hand over the top of the cover while pressing in the small safety catch on one of the latches. With your other hand, lift up on the sides of the latch. Allow the latch to remain hooked to the cover and repeat this process with the second latch before removing the cover.

   Do not place the housing with the lens face against an unprotected surface while removing or replacing the cover, taking care not to scratch the lens face. 

 Camera Operation

   To power on the camera press the power control button on the cover, the high spring tension of the power control button was designed to withstand pressures beyond 650 feet. 
To start recording, rotate the control knob clockwise to the REC position. (Red Dot)
To stop recording, rotate the control knob counter clockwise to the STOP position. (Black Dot)

Housing Operation