A properly designed housing can provide years of use, and will not flood unless it has been damaged or the seals have not been properly maintained. The H2OV is tested before shipping to insure there are no defects in design or workmanship.  After that, it is the responsibility of the user to avoid damaging the housing and maintain the o-rings and their sealing surfaces.

1.   GMS Concepts will repair or replace at our option any housing that proves to be defective in construction or materials within one year of date of purchase.

2.   This warranty is void in the event of negligent handling of the housing including, but not limited to, dropping, modifications, improper care and maintenance, and exceeding the specified depth limitation.

3.   GMS Concepts is not liable for any damage to equipment caused by leakage of water into the housing, nor for loss of data or income as a result of such leakage. 

4.   GMS Concepts is not liable for any accidents during which this housing was in use.

5.   The buyer understands that, because of the nature of this product, he/she uses the H2OV housing at his/her own risk and agrees to hold GMS Concepts harmless of any occurrence.

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